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BearWise is a premier service offered by Black Bear Insurance Agency. It is an industry specific approach that allows agents to become specialists in their select industry. Through this specialized knowledge, BearWise agents are able to organize multiple insurance policies to create an insurance program that is designed specifically for each client’s business.

BearWise agents are also more efficient by focusing on one industry. They have built relationships with the insurance companies that write coverages for their industry. These relationships allow for an efficient and effective work flow, providing faster service for the client.

Every BearWise industry is equiped with its own website, providing a wealth of detailed and accessible information dealing exclusively to that specific industry. BearWise agents constantly update the websites and post ‘Agent Articles’ that address current issues pertaining to businesses in that industry.

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Bear Wise

For more information about BearWise and the services provided to businesses in these industries. please click the link below to visit the main BearWise website.


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